Mediation Centre Sabah (MCS)

Press Statement

Thank you for coming to the launching of the Sabah Law Association Mediation Centre Sabah. The mediation centre will be known as MEDIATION CENTRE SABAH (MCS). We are in fact the last Bar to set up such a centre in Malaysia. The first one was established in Kuala Lumpur by the Bar Council followed by Sarawak who officially launched theirs last year.

MCS is set up under the auspices of Sabah lLw Association (SLA). It is under the purview of the sub-committee of Alternative Dispute Resolution-Mediation.

Our objectives are:
  • To promote the development, acceptance and usage of mediation in Sabah;
  • To provide mediation services for parties seeking alternative dispute resolution in Sabah.

The advantages of mediation:
  • Save costs
  • Save time
  • Less risk
  • Preserve relationships
  • Private and confidential


The MCS is currently housed in the SLA Secretariat at No. 56, Jalan Pantai, Kota Kinabalu. The Meeting room and the Counsel room at the Secretariat are available for mediation purposes.


The MCS has a panel of mediators who have completed a mediation workshop of at least 32 hours duration and satisfactory completion of the Assessment Procedure conducted during or after the Mediation Workshop. Currently, we have about 27 mediators in our panel. The mediators have agreed to observe the Code of Conduct prescribed by the MCS.


There will be an administrative fees of RM300.00. The SLA meeting room is available at a rental of RM350.00 for full day and RM180.00 for half day. Alternative venue can be arranged at costs to be agreed by the parties. The mediator's fees are in accordance with the remuneration scale fixed by the MCS. The parties who submitted for mediation will bear the cost of mediation equally.